Explore the diversity of life in India

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Traveling is a great way to experience the stunning diversity of life on earth. It can happen that one can take the familiar for granted, be it local trees, birds or animals. But exploring a new country/region leads to a renewed appreciation for …

WAM TeamExplore the diversity of life in India

Great Scots in the Commonwealth

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The Scots have traveled far and wide in search of fame and fortune, and this is reflected in the vast diaspora of people and communities that trace their roots back to Scotland even today. The Scottish influence is especially strong …

WAM TeamGreat Scots in the Commonwealth

Wadden Sea: A Unity of Purpose

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Source After all the weeks of international rivalries on the football pitch, here’s a story of a visionary sustainable tourism project that unites people across borders. Nature never obeys political boundaries, and projects that respect this and address ecological issues holistically have a greater chance …

WAM TeamWadden Sea: A Unity of Purpose