WAM Covid Defence Service

In the Covid era safety and longevity of citizens is more critical than ever before. Lockdowns and social distancing to reduce the spread of contagion is currently reducing the risk to human life. In future when these restraints are removed, people would want to travel to a nearby town, village, county or a city. This movement of people will help local businesses and in the process would rekindle the strongly hit local/national economy.

But in-spite of the desire for domestic travel among residents, there would still be a fear of acquiring the contagion. This would continue to negatively impact the already downward spiral in the tourism industry.

We have developed a solution called World Around Me Covid Defence Service (WAMCDS) to reduce the risk to the traveller and thereby reduce their fear to travel to places. WAMCDS is Covid defence system, which will 1) inform the traveller if they are in a safe zone or not 2) help them identify safe sites to visit, these could be local attractions and local businesses like restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, hospitals etc.

WAMCDS will be delivered as an ‘add-on’ to our existing business offerings – World Around Me (WAM) travel app and WAM Tourism Platform.

With WAMCDS local authorities will be able to highlight safe places and zones. This safety information will be presented to the traveler using WAM app. The presentation of safe zones and safe places will be shown with colour coded sign posts in augmented reality, as colour-marked zones on a map and as colour marked zones in a list views of places. Red colour will signify danger and can caution the traveller that a particular region should not be visited. Green & Blue colours will signify a safe place – thereby re-enforcing the tourist’s confidence that they are safe and can enjoy this travel.

WAMCDS bring the following benefits to the tourism organisation:-

1) Reduce contagion risk of a traveller by cautioning about the “red zones”
2) Develop trust in the safety of domestic travel, especially amongst the more risk averse people.
3) Facilitate rekindling of the local economy in safe “green zones” where travellers will feel safe to visit local attractions (heritage sites), attend local events, and consume local services.
WAMCDS would create resilience in tourism as it will help people gradually come back to normal life in a safe manner. As the fear amongst people will reduce and they will not hesitate to visit “green zones” around the country. Shops in “green zones” are expected to benefit as footfalls will increase