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Presenting World Around Me or as we call it, WAM. This is a unique location-based Augmented Reality app that lets you explore the world around you in never-seen-before and immensely useful ways. This puts you at the center of your own world, and helps you navigate through your immediate environment, and the maze of local information, in a seamlessly integrated way.

You can select the category of places to look for in your immediate vicinity.

This then opens up a view of your surroundings overlaid with billboards of places floating in the direction they are located and centered around your current position. Each of these place marker billboards has rich data associated with it such as distance from user, reviews, website and useful links. Tapping thru them lets you interact with the place in multiple ways, such as by calling, looking at pics and reviews, or finding the shortest route there, all the while without getting lost.

For those times, when you so prefer, the traditional list and map views are also available to interact with.

WAM is designed so that you could explore the places around you in an intuitively seamless manner and focus on more important things than maps and navigation. It puts you and your needs at the center of the real and virtual worlds of local information that surround you.

WAM is under continuous development and our team are already working on the next  update with more features! Do check it out and let us know how WAM was of use to you!

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