WAM Tourism platform launched in Genova, Italy

World Around Me Tourism platform is being used by city council of Genova in Italy to promote local events to tourists using World Around Me in Genova. The events marketing team at the local port, museum, palace and tourist board are also using the platform to promote information about local events to locals and tourists using World Around Me app. This has been made possible by our cutting edge augmented reality technology combined with smart geo-fencing which allows the users to experience customised local content about events using the same World Around Me app.

This allows locals and tourists to search for nearby local services of all kinds and local events when they are in Genova. There are banners, posters and various digital advertising boards setup across the city at major locations like the airport, seaport, local tourist information centre and tourist destinations like museums and palaces.

This takes our year long partnership with the city of Genova in Italy to a new level. We aim to help tourists and locals connect better with whats going on in the city, along with findings various places of interest.

Genova has been WAMified. You can WAMify your port town or city too. Contact us at hello(at)worldaroundmeapp(dot)com

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