Top 5 Brazilian snacks

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1)   Pastéis de Bacalhau – codfish cakes are originally from Portugal and are made of potatoes, codfish, eggs and parsley. The recipe originated from São Paulo’s municipal market but it became a common dish everywhere in Brazil.

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2)  Pastéis are a delicious fried treat. It can be filled with cheese, beef and veggies. It is similar to an empanada. It is a very famous street-cart treat in the main regional capitals such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Porto Alegre and so on.

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3) Coxinhas are also a fried snack filled with chicken and a creamy cheese called catupiry. It is said to also have originated in São Paulo in the 19th century.

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4) Farofa is made of fried flour called cassava. Farofa can include egg and bacon. It is usually served over rice and beans. It has a West African influence and it can be served as a side dish or alone with or without rice.

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5) Acarajé is a black-eyed pea ball fried in palm oil. It is usually filled with shrimp and a vinaigrette sauce. It is a dish traditionally found in Salvador, Recife and Olinda and is has a Nigerian influence deriving from the name Akara.

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