Top 10 beaches in Brazil

Top 10 beaches in Brazil

Brazil’s excellent weather and amazing coastline (more than 8.000 kms/4.650 miles of it) makes up for the most beautiful beaches in the world. You have a great selection to choose from but we narrowed it down to the top 10 for you!

1.    Alter do Chão, Pará – Feels like a Caribbean beach and is located in a river on the Amazons! It is the perfect place to relax and try the traditional grilled fish. Top 10 beaches post-01

2.  Búzios – Is a beautiful beach town only a couple of hours away from Rio de Janeiro. It became famous in the 60’s when Brigitte Bardot feel in love with it ( as you can see from her statue).Top 10 beaches post-05

3.    Porto de Galinhas – Is a very famous beach and a very touristic destination. This beach is situated in a small fisherman’s village and is warm all year round. It translates to ‘Chicken Port’ and the name originates from the slavery time where it was forbidden to mention slavery so the word was changed to “chickens”. 

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4.    Morro de São Paulo – Is situated in the island of Tinharé and very close to Salvador da Bahia. It’s a very tranquil beach, perfect for a getaway.Top 10 beaches post-10

5. Ipanema Beach – Ipanema and Copacabana are probably the most iconic beach names around the world. It is the classic choice. It has a beautiful sight, filled with kiosks where you can have coconut water – “água de coco”. It is often crowded but if you want a more secluded area try Arpoador Beach that is hidden by the cliffs (further down). Top 10 beaches post-08

6.    Copacabana Beach – Another crowded beach but a must-see for sure. The mosaic-covered sidewalk ( calçada in portuguese) is perfect for those end of the day strolls. The sand is bright and the waves are always blue. 

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7.    Praia da Pipa – If you are staying near Recife this is a “must-to” beach to visit. It is a stop for global travelers in the Northeast Brazil and was discovered by backpackers in the 70’s.Top 10 beaches post-07

8.    Praia do Forte – Located near Salvador on the Coconut tree Coast is perfect to watch the sunrise. If you enjoy discovering the wild life around you can see humpback whales when you take a boat ride. Top 10 beaches post-04

9.  Praia do Sancho – In the Pernambuco State this beach is isolated and surrounded by beautiful high cliffs. The sand is white and the sea is of a stunning emerald green. Between the months of February and June you can see two beautiful waterfalls that drop on top of the cliffs. Top 10 beaches post-02


10. Porto da Barra – Is the Venice beach of the Bahia state. It’s surrounded by small fishing boats, you can play volley and sightseeing in the Fisherman’s Colony Manguinhos – the traditional fish market.Top 10 beaches post-03

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