Great Scots in the Commonwealth

The Scots have traveled far and wide in search of fame and fortune, and this is reflected in the vast diaspora of people and communities that trace their roots back to Scotland even today. The Scottish influence is especially strong in the commonwealth, and in honour of Scotland hosting the commonwealth games here are a few… Continue reading Great Scots in the Commonwealth

Must-See Scotland!

If you are planning a trip to Scotland for the end of the summer or just for a future holiday expect many, many things to see and do. You can go on a historical boat ride, taste stunning food and drink, enjoy the charming castles, museums and wildlife parks. You can get lost in the hills… Continue reading Must-See Scotland!

Fall in love with Scotland’s castles!

Castles in Scotland are magical and filled with history! If you go to Scotland then you’ll have to make sure you visit its impressive castles. The amazing architecture is a test to time and awaits the modern traveler. Which ones have you visited? Stirling Castle – This castle is one of the largest and most… Continue reading Fall in love with Scotland’s castles!