Sustainable Tourism in Scotland!

Scotland is thinking green and trying to reduce it’s impact on the environment. The Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) is a partnership with VisitScotland that encourages businesses all over Scotland to be sustainable. This results into having more and more hotels, B&Bs and other attractions become eco-friendly. Cycling in Scotland Experience the true beauty of Scotland’s landscapes,… Continue reading Sustainable Tourism in Scotland!

Must-See Scotland!

If you are planning a trip to Scotland for the end of the summer or just for a future holiday expect many, many things to see and do. You can go on a historical boat ride, taste stunning food and drink, enjoy the charming castles, museums and wildlife parks. You can get lost in the hills… Continue reading Must-See Scotland!

Top 5 Brazilian snacks

1)   Pastéis de Bacalhau – codfish cakes are originally from Portugal and are made of potatoes, codfish, eggs and parsley. The recipe originated from São Paulo’s municipal market but it became a common dish everywhere in Brazil. 2)  Pastéis are a delicious fried treat. It can be filled with cheese, beef and veggies. It is similar… Continue reading Top 5 Brazilian snacks

15 Fun and Cultural things to do in Brazil (besides the World Cup)

1.  Watch one of the famous Brazilian soap operas called ‘Novelas’. They are one of the bests in the world and have won Emmy Awards and are shown all over the world. source  2. If you are going to Brazil in February you must go during Carnaval! Brazil is worldly famous for their exuberant celebrations. Carnival… Continue reading 15 Fun and Cultural things to do in Brazil (besides the World Cup)

Top 10 beaches in Brazil

Top 10 beaches in Brazil Brazil’s excellent weather and amazing coastline (more than 8.000 kms/4.650 miles of it) makes up for the most beautiful beaches in the world. You have a great selection to choose from but we narrowed it down to the top 10 for you! 1.    Alter do Chão, Pará – Feels… Continue reading Top 10 beaches in Brazil

Comic: World Sunscreen day

In celebration of sunscreen day on the 27th of May. This week’s comic is about getting sunburned!

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